No Fuss Fundraiser

What is the No Fuss Fundraiser, and why donate?

The No Fuss Fundraiser is an easy, hassle-free chance for parents, grandparents, businesses, friends and family to help support the non-profit Koontz PTO. The money raised goes directly to the PTO’s programs (see below!). We would like this to be our ONLY fundraiser this school year. 100% of the money raised will directly benefit YOUR child and their classmates at C. T. Koontz Intermediate School.

  • 100% of the money raised goes directly into PTO programs, not to a fundraising company.
  • Donations are 100% tax deductible. We will supply a tax receipt.
  • It is super simple to donate to the Koontz PTO by cash, check (can be dropped off at the office, make checks payable to Koontz PTO).
  • The fundraiser will occur the first full month of school, longer if we do not reach our goals.

What does my donation support?

  • Classroom support: An account for each teacher for classroom supplies and projects
  • Field trip scholarships: To allow all students the opportunity to attend field trips
  • All-school programs: Heritage Night, Skateboard Science, Movie Night, 5th/6th Grade Dance
  • Educational support: Annual subscription to Newsela (a service that offers news articles at multiple skill levels, allowing students to read the same content and learn at their own pace)
  • “Special projects”: Sound system for the gymnatorium, pipe and drape system for the stage

How much should I donate?

Every dollar helps, no amount is too small! This event is in lieu of selling magazine subscriptions, a raffle, a booster-thon… If we raise our fundraising goal with this event, we will not have to resort to other, more intrusive tactics. Click here for the donation form.

Last year the average donation was $35, and ranged from $5 to $700. Donations even included friends and family from out of state! Every donation counts toward reaching our goal of $15,000! If you are financially able, please consider supporting at one of the higher support levels. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated!

Donation:    Equivalent to:
$5                 helps our school meet its 2017 fundraising goal
$35               two field trip scholarships
$60               science class supplies
$100             field day support
$500             movie night expenses
$750+           Newsela program used by all students

Individual contributions will not be disclosed. We will thank individuals and businesses who contribute on our Facebook page and via email communications.

If you work at a company, do not forget to ask if they match charitable contributions!